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How to host Standard Notes themes

Overview This tutorial will help you get your theme available for installation in Standard Notes. It'll be best if you have some experience with html/css, but It's possible to do by swapping out values of an existing theme css. I'll do my best to simplify the process. There will be, atleast, 3 files needed for making a theme. Extension Install Json (I will refer to this as "extension.json", can be named whatever) Theme CSS (I will refer to this as "main.css") "package.json" file How-To S...
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Using Virtual Environment & Requirements.txt with python

Virtual Environment Summary Virtual Environment makes it easy to make an easily reproducably deployable environment. It keeps the environment separate from the rest of the system, thus also making uninstalling requirements much easier. Steps General Install Setup Activate (Deactivate) Install & Setup If you're using python 3.4+, you can use the built-in "venv" as shown below: python3 -m venv [my-venv-directory] Otherwise, install the "virtualenv" package install: pip install vir...
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Initial Review of Listed.to

First day with listed.to so far I'm really impressed with the ease of getting setup with blogging right from my notes. Really great idea and it makes me excited.. despite not actually knowing what I'd want to blog about. Looking around at some of the other blogs, I didnt see many others trying out the custom css option. So I've made an effort to try it out. Here are the main things worth mentioning: Extremely glad they had example css to get started, especially listing some of the predefined...
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First Blog

Testing 1,2,3 Trying out my first blog post. First order of business is to get some css looking pretty. Using the following instructions: listed.to css instructions And making a bunch of modifications! ...
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